Park Landscaping Ltd. - 7-11 - Beaumont
Tuesday, 23 June 2015 03:47

7-11 - Beaumont

7-11 - Beaumont

Status: Complete


Large or small, this is a prime example of one of our smaller commercial projects that we provided landscaping for. In this project, we provided a rough grade, the planting of trees, shrubs, and the installation of both the topsoil and sod.

Types of Trees and Vegetation used in project:

  • Patmore Green Ash
  • Swedish Columnar Aspens
  • Hansa Rose
  • Goldmound Spirea
  • Mugo Pine
  • Arcadia Junipers
  • Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass
  • Stella D’oro Daylily
  • Fescue Blend Sod

Company: Zagreb Construction