Park Landscaping Ltd. - Terwillegar - Hole In One

Terwillegar - Hole In One

Terwillegar - Hole In One

Status: Complete



Another testament to what Park Landscaping Ltd. is capable of doing. We love it when a client has a drive to implement both passion and creativity into their designs! A true example to what we can accomplish, this piece highlights two features that stands out above the already extraordinary environment. 

The first and most noticeable feature is the mini-golf set. Using a specialized astro turf flooring, we created a miniaturized golf course lined with a dark stone pad retaining wall. Our client was passionate about this particular sport, so we carefully incorporated this into our designs to ensure that the client enjoyed their yard along with their passion. 

The second feature is a custom built fountain. This piece was specially created by our in-house design team to continuously flow and recycle the water usage for the fountain. Note that the fountain is designed to be subtle, yet complements the surrounding environment without being too conspicuous. 

Although the two features highlight the backyard, the assortment of vegetation and the placement of the pine mulch add a variety of different colors accenting and supporting the complete picture of the piece. Don't let the text ruin the image, as a picture is worth a thousand words! Take a look at it yourself!