Park Landscaping Ltd. - West Landing - Cornerpièce de résistance

West Landing - Cornerpièce de résistance

West Landing - Cornerpièce de résistance

Status: Complete



As a house plopped on the corner of an intersection, it could be said that it is that house's unofficial duty to represent it's neighborhood. Entering any neighborhood or community normally starts with one noticing the corner lot. Many corner lot homeowners fail to realize that they have a prime location that is capable in capturing the attention of passerby's. As a masterpiece waiting to happen, we at Park Landscaping are always excited to work on corner lots. By giving us a chance to showcase our talents on your corner lot, we will not fail in capturing the attention of visitors, as well as other homeowners in your community. 

West Landing is a key example of how we would approach a corner lot. Equipped with a large canvas to work with, we created a masterpiece enriched with vibrant colors from the mountainous Swedish columnar aspens to the dwarf Korean lilac. Our intentions for this project was to make the scenery "pop" when seen up-close and at a distance. We purposely installed the many shrubs and trees into a washed rock bed to produce a bright and modernistic appearance that supports the overall "pop" of the scenery. One thing to note, is the complete lack of the homeowner's fencing. We've decided that as a corner lot, all of its landscaping must be shown proudly without the need to block any of it with a fence. That being said, by strategically placing the Swedish columnar aspen on the side of the house facing where the fence should be, we utilized it's tall stance as a natural fencing.  

We decided to use less hardscape materials to really bring out the colors of the various plants and freshly laid sod. The few hardscapes we did integrate in this piece, were the two 18" x 18" stepping stone pathways that created routes to useful locations, and a short, but large ocean pearl retaining wall that extended the wall of the walk-through basement. 

As a recent project finished, we are mighty proud of our work and the service we provided to this corner lot homeowner. The way this project distinguishes itself from the many houses around it with its vibrant colors embedded in a washed rock bed is a clear example of how we would perform a corner lot for you! 

Types of Trees and Vegetation used in project:

  • White Spruce
  • Ivory Halo Dogwood
  • Isanti Dogwood
  • Goldmound Spirea
  • Schubert Chokecherry
  • Swedish Columnar Aspen
  • Dwarf Korean Lilac
  • Mountain Ash
  • Upper Juniper
  • Scandinavian Juniper
  • Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass
  • Variety of Small Deciduous Shrubs