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Windermere - Full House

Windermere -  Full House

Status: Complete


One of the core competencies to possess as a landscaping firm is the attention to detail. Many landscaping companies working on large or small projects encounter a similar problem - how does one perform efficient landscaping services to complement the household's structure and environment, without taking too much attention away or to be undermined by the house? As a landscaping firm that has passed its 10th year milestone, addressing this issue has always been an ongoing experience. When working on this house, our attention to detail was truly tested. Take a look at how we decided to approach this monument and decide for yourself if you think we did a good job!

A recent project completed in the summer of 2015, the goal was to provide extensive landscaping services that supports overall theme of the very large property lot. In this project, we incorporated an abundance of trees and Karl Forester reed grasses to aid in the rustic theme of the property. Although the arsenal of vegetation used was quite deadly, the hardscapes installed throughout the property were the iconic features of the household. From the 108 stone pavers accentuating the concrete stairs and walk-in basement (as well as doubling as hopscotch court!), all the way to the multiple stone boulders spread across the property on the pine mulch beds. A unique feature to note is how we utilized the hardscapes to highlight the vegetation from the beginning of the backyard to the end where the outdoor fire pit sits on. All in all, we hope that this project conveyed our passion in providing a detailed, and artistic environment for the property. 

Types of Trees and Vegetation used in project:

  • Brandon Elms
  • Swedish Columnar Aspens
  • Colorado Spruce
  • Autumn Blaze Maple 
  • Schubert Chokecherry
  • Goldflame Spirea
  • Isanti Dogwood
  • Ivory Halo Dogwood
  • Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass
  • Perennial Grass
  • Blue Oat Grass
  • Variety of Small Deciduous Shrubs

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