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Our maintenance program’s guiding principle is the importance of long-term relationships.

Our focus is with the property owner and the ability to maintain the property’s value along with its overall aesthetic appeal. By focusing on aesthetic appeal along with the value of the property, we can help attract and retain quality tenants and/or provide an inviting space for customers to shop and for employees to work in.

There are two key components of the Commercial Landscaping Industry: the delivery of landscaping construction and the complementing of landscaping maintenance. Our Commercial Landscaping Maintenance division has garnered over 8+ years of experience in maintaining diverse landscaping projects ranging from pot-hole fillings to snow removal. Our maintenance crews with their vast experience, work hard to ensure that commercial sites are fully maintained and above industry standards.

As a year round landscaping firm, we provide maintenance services throughout the entire year. From the beginning of the year for Spring Clean-Up, to the end of the year Snow Removal services. Our services can vary pending on the season, but our services can be customizable to each properties' unique size and needs.  

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List of Services (general listing - does not include all of our services)
Spring Clean-Up
  • General cleaning of all common areas (parking lot sweeping, garbage collection, etc).
  • De-thatching of turf areas. 
  • Cultivating of tree bowls
  • Removal of dead grasses and weeds.
  • Clean up and preparation of planters, tree bowls, and flower beds.
  • Sand and gravel sweeping from turf and common areas.
  • Pothole fillings.
  • Fencing repairs.


Summer Landscaping Maintenance
  • General cleaning of all common areas (sweeping, garbage collection, etc).
  • De-thatching of turf areas.
  • Sand and gravel sweeping from turf and common areas.
  • Pothole fillings.
  • Fencing repairs.
  • Watering of vegetation (shrubs, trees, sod, etc).
  • Trimming and pruning of vegetation (shrubs and trees).
  • Seasonal lawn cutting.
  • Weed removal services.
  • Aeration of sod.
  • Fertilizing of vegetation.
  • Spraying of pesticides and herbicides. 
Winter Snow Removal
  • Snow and ice removal on parking lots, sidewalks, and high-traffic areas.
  • Spreading of "grip" materials on slippery surfaces. 
  • GPS tracked and logged to ensure timely service and protection. 
  • Curb Repairs.
  • Installation of utility boxes filled with sand, rock chips, etc. 







With a vast amount of experience, we have worked with many reputable commercial firms, offering them our flexible services whilst maintaining an efficient, professional, and cost-effective approach. 


Commercial LandscapingPark Landscaping offers commercial landscape construction and maintenance. Our staff undergoes extensive safety training, including; weekly safety training meetings, daily hazard assessments, use of safety equipment and safety procedures. In addition, we also have regular training meetings for proper installations of landscape materials and products.

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Our Commercial Snow Maintenance division is a collection of career-driven outdoor professionals with over 8 years of experience, dedicated to servicing snow and ice control within Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our snow and ice staff are employed 12 months out of the year, driven by a relentless focus on ensuring our client’s properties are safe for their customers and employees. Our Commercial Snow Maintenance division revolves around state-of-the-art equipment and technology, trained employees, and secure processes to ensure your sites are safe and accessible, no matter how unpredictable the weather is in Edmonton. We provide a snow and ice control service for all commercial and institutional firms. Our services are swift, professional, and we guarantee that your site will be clean and effectively accessible.

Advantages of Park Landscaping Ltd. Snow Maintenance Service

  • 24 Hours snow removal service line – speak to a live person anytime of the day.
  • Use of a GPS Software and system that enables timely arrivals and efficient management of personnel working on client properties.
  • Property managers will know when, how often, and duration of time stayed on project sites.
  • Property Owners, Management Companies, and Contractors are better protected from legal “Slip and Fall” Claims, due to the GPS stamps and real time automatic records, photos, and logs that we track and store. 
  • Use of Liquid Anti-Icing technology that effectively combats ice build up ensuring safe sites.