Park Landscaping Ltd. - Home Builders

We have a fully specialized division dedicated to serving Home Builders in the areas of grading, landscaping, and exterior construction.

We are proud to be one of the only landscaping firms that provide a full spectrum of grading and landscaping services from pre-grading to finished landscaping for Home Builders. All the work is done in-house with our own specialized equipment and crews meaning there will be no middle men which would increase mark-ups, hidden costs, and complications to the process. This allows us to have a much faster turn around and a more effective and affordable service. A quick turn around is key to providing home buyers a happy and easy experience in buying a home. 

The grading and landscaping is the last experience a home builder will have with the client after the purchase of a Home Builder’s product. We provide a key point to Home Builders increasing value by offering to include all the landscaping works into the mortgage and purchasing price of a home. Thus, it saves the buyer from the headaches of coordinating landscaping services and improves the performance and value the Home Builder can provide.


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As a specialized division of Park Landscaping, the Home Builders crew are dedicated to serve large to small scale Home Builders that are in need of diverse landscaping services. Our Home Builders division crew members have been trained in this unique service to deliver flexible, quality, and affordable solutions to any Home Builder that are in need of a landscaping service that is done in a prompt and professional way. In 2014, we serviced over 700 houses for home builders alone surpassing Home Builder’s needs and expectations and delivering an unique service that increases our relations with a niche market.

If you are a custom Home Builder are in need of a landscaping quote, don’t hesitate to give us a call as we would love to hear you out! Park Landscaping Ltd. is more than willing to provide you with a variety of solutions to your distinct situation! Our services range from 3-step grading (pre, rough, and final) with surveying, staking, and consultation to extensive landscaping services such as retaining walls and fencing.

Lastly, if you are interested but want to take a look at what we have to offer, our Home Builder’s Portfolio will show the variety of different homes we have serviced! As our website is still under construction, we are currently working on developing the portfolio,