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Make your backyard into your dream vacation spot. 

Backyard patios are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Why? Because a beautifully designed and constructed outdoor patio provides the getaway that so many of us need. Our company specializes in designing and building custom backyard patios. Along with these patios we often design and build outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and other types of landscaping in order to make backyards a dream getaway from busy life.

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Types of Patios We Design & Construct

Concrete Patios

The use of concrete in patio design has been quickly increasing for over 15 years. When designing and constructing a patio concrete is a great choice of material to use. Why? Concrete is very versatile and works well with creative hardscape designs. Another reason why concrete is often a material of choice for patios is its ability to replicate the looks of other popular material. This is often done through concrete stamping and staining.

Stone Patios

If you are wanting a more natural look, then stone might be the material of choice for your patio. At Park Landscaping our design team has created some truly amazing stone patios with outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and areas for eating. Stone is a great option for backyard patios.

Paver Patios

With so many paver styles, types, and designs to choose from it is high on the recommended list for patios. We design and build custom patios from pavers. We can do these types of paver patios for both our residential and commercial clients.

Brick Patios

If you are wanting a more classic look, then you may want to go with bricks for your outdoor patio. Bricks truly are a timeless material that has lasted throughout the ages. By choosing brick for your backyard or front yard patio you don’t have to worry about it going out of style. Our team here at Park Landscaping is skilled and experienced with all types of brick.

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