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Whether you are looking to have a retaining wall built on your property, or to have a retaining wall repaired, we have you covered.

Our company, Park Landscaping, professionally designs and constructs custom retaining walls. Our custom retaining walls can serve multiple purposes depending on the needs and wants of our clients.Retaining walls are important for landscapes. Retaining walls have the ability to add depth and create new levels of dimensions for plants, rocks, and hardscapes. Although retaining walls are an important part to many landscape designs, they also can play an important role in erosion control and restraining soil onto unnatural slopes.

Retaining Wall


Retaining Walls We Design and Construct

Stone Walls

Our natural stone retaining walls will surely add a new dimension of beauty to your property. Stone retaining walls have some great advantages to preventing erosion and to control water drainage. At Park Landscaping we use high quality natural stone with each of our stone retaining wall projects. We design and build our natural stone walls so that they last.

Stack Stone Walls

If you are looking for a wall that can stand the test of time, then stacked stone walls can do just that. In fact, dry stacked stone walls get stronger with time as the stones and soil settles. On top of their natural beauty stackable stone walls are naturally capable of water drainage. Because water can naturally seep through the spaces between the stones there is no need for expensive drainage systems.

Brick Walls

Brick walls are yet another type of retaining wall that we often design and construct. Brick walls give a nice clean look to landscapes and are often used to match the brick on a home.

Modular Block Walls

Modular block is a great option/replacement for natural stone walls. Many property owners go with this material for their outdoor walls because of its beauty and attractive price. Some other benefits that come with modular block is their durability, lack of being prone to crack, and the fact that they are basically zero maintenance. Our team of experts is experienced at design and constructing retaining walls with various types of modular block systems.